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We created these card decks as tools to help support diagnosis, learning, and play. We currently have three different decks available with others, including climate impacts, on the way.

The Engagement Deck provides 9 Engagement Milestones, 6 Participation Signals, 12 Obstacles & Barriers, and 40 Communications Tactics for anticipating challenges and planning programs. We tend to use them in tandem with the Superclime map to identify opportunities, create new combinations, and sharpen skills.

Engagement Deck from CoClimate

Worldview Cards are designed to help practitioners expand their understanding of how different people and groups interpret their experiences and make sense of their world. Each set contains 123 different worldview orientations in seven different dimensions: human nature, will, world + life, cognition, truth, behavior, and relationships. Use them to diagnose, ideate, learn about, and map the cultures and beliefs of others.

Worldview Cards from CoClimate

Values are beliefs that guide and prioritize a person’s goals, preferences, behavior, and modes of conduct. The 80-card set of Values Cards contains fifty-nine different values and an additional twenty-one cultural values to identify and describe the values that influence people’s actions and preferences.

Individual and Cultural Values Cards from CoClimate

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