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In 2013 & 2014 CoClimate hosted workshops for students at KHiB in Bergen Norway on the topic of “Designing for NonHuman Clients”.

Results from our 2013 Designing for NonHuman Clients course at KHiB can be viewed on a microsite here.

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How would you create a design if your client was a native wetland plant species? What are its wants, needs and desires, and how does it connect to the humans which utilize its services?


In this 2 week hands-on workshop design students at KHiB were asked to choose a non-human (animal, plant, weather pattern, etc.) as their client.

In week 1 students visited their client in urban and rural field visits, attempting to identify its needs, desires and wants, documenting patterns of behavior with audio recording, photography, field notes and other tools.

They were also encouraged to speak to experts who know the client well such as gardeners, urban planners, municipal workers or meteorologists. They were also asked to document the way that humans interact with their client.

During week 2 the students developed a proposal for a product, service or intervention that fulfills the needs of their client or calls attention to the ecosystem service(s) that the client provides.

Check out some of our visual research at the Designing for Nonhuman Clientspinterest board.

This class was taught by Cathrine Kramer and Zack Denfeld.

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