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Our Superclime program helps communicators clarify and activate their engagement efforts.

Using visual frameworks and other decision support tools as catalysts for understanding, communicators can operationalize research insights within and across organizations and groups to improve the clarity and effectiveness of their climate change engagement, communications, or strategy. The Superclime program includes:

Visual Frameworks including maps and visual communications.

Games of strategy, learning, and play to hone critical skills.

Cards for planning and learning about audience values, worldviews, and engagement tactics.

Gusto: a climate change communications index, designed to asses and improve the clarity of communications products.

New methods of research to understand cultural consensus around climate change solutions and impacts, especially in rural areas.

The foundational research of the Superclime program can be found in the Connecting on Climate guide which was co-authored by one of our team members here at CoClimate.

Superclime Map & Guide from CoClimateEngagement Deck from CoClimate

Worldview Cards from CoClimateIndividual and Cultural Values Cards from CoClimate

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