CoClimate sets out to inspire curiosity, cultivate questioning, and engage stakeholders, audiences, and civil society around climate change. We undertake research to unearth insights, evidence, unique perspectives, and emerging practices. We use those insights to design and create imagery, experiences, and objects that are beautiful, compelling, imaginative, and legible for people from different worldviews and frames of reference.

We work in primarily in North America, Europe, and Asia with groups ranging from cultural and civic institutions, environmental NGOs, and creative agencies, as well as climate-engaged companies and non-profits.

Our work is organized around focused programs that explore and develop a particular area of interest or need. To learn more about our current program areas, visit our PROGRAMS page or download our program descriptions (pdf).

We also undertake bespoke projects for interested clients whose objectives align with our mission and vision. To view a selection of past projects, please visit our WORK page.

For members of the media, our PRESS KIT provides basic information and high-resolution images suitable for print.

To connect with us and learn more about our work or to discuss how we might be able to help with your next project, please CONTACT US.




We love making things and designing experiences that will provoke, surprise, and delight. We maintain a strong aesthetic sensibility and purpose in order to elevate the role and status of climate change in people’s everyday lives.

Installations & Exhibitions
Workshops, Events & Performances
Spectacular Objects & Interactive Experiences
Experience Design
Early-Stage Prototypes


We help individuals and groups imagine alternative futures and clarify their roles in transformative change. We provide planning, workshops, and participatory design experiences to help individuals and groups envision and adopt new practices for the future.

Strategic Visioning & Speculative Futures
Climate Communications & Engagement Planning
Videos & Visual Communication
Design Curricula & Emerging Practices
Decision-Support Tools & Games


CoClimate surveys the edges and riverbeds of culture, artistic practice, technology, and scientific research. We integrate emerging ideas and practices as pathways for meaning and transformation.

Lectures & Symposia
Ethnographic & Emerging Practices Research
Trends Signals & Topic Analysis
Expert Stories & Points of View
Insights & Knowledge Architecture