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Ecosystem Service Design workshop

October 16, 2014


How would you create a design if your client was a native wetland plant species? What are its wants, needs and desires, and how does it connect to the humans which utilize its services?

This Ecosystem Service Design workshop introduced participants to the concept of ecosystem services, and identified animals, plants and biospheric flows that are believed to be undervalued. Service design strategies were then implemented to imagine and prototype new connections between humans, technology and the natural environment, culminating in a series of insights and patterns. Through the session participants developed a set of tools for thinking creatively about specific environmental opportunities and challenges, and a set of metaphors for conducting design research with non-human clients.

Following on from their commissioned projects Nowcasting artists James Bridle and Rachel Jacobs, were joined by Dr Candice Howarth – Senior Research Fellow Climate Action & Cultural Systems at Anglia Ruskin University – and Professor Mike Wilson – Loughborough University, The School of the Arts, English and Drama – to discuss their approaches to working with data to develop new narratives and experiences.

The event was held at Loughborough University, The School of the Arts on October 15, 2014.

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