July 24, 2014

Models are simplified reflections of reality. They help us test ideas, theories or patterns we believe we have observed in the world. Models are constrained and they never perfectly or exactly capture reality. Models are a form of compression. We make models to clarify as well as imagine. They help us focus on what we believe are the essential drivers or elements of the phenomena we are interested in. In this exhibition we include social as well as scientific models. Some models have been chosen for their predictive or explanatory capabilities. Other models fail to reflect reality, but in their divergence from the world as it actually is, they open up the imagination to entirely new possibilities and realities.

STRANGE WEATHER at Science Gallery

July 23, 2014

We are obsessed with the weather. It is a powerful, shared daily experience, offering us an immediate talking point with which to engage our fellow citizens. Yet when we talk about climate change the sense of guilt or powerlessness is enough to kill the conversation.

By engaging both weather and climate in a playful, provocative way, we hope to leapfrog over current polarised public debates. STRANGE WEATHER: FORECASTS FROM THE FUTURE propels you to forecast your own fate on a changing planet with an uncertain future.

By bringing together works by artists, designers, scientists, meteorologists and engineers STRANGE WEATHER asks questions such as: Should human culture be reshaped to fit strange weather or should we reshape weather to fit our strange culture? Who is going to take advantage of climate chaos and how will strange weather benefit me? How will you choose to work, celebrate, live and die when weather gets weird?

STRANGE WEATHER runs from 18th July 2014 to 8th October 2014. Find out more at

Designing for NonHuman Clients (2013)

December 1, 2013

Results from our Designing for NonHuman clients course at KHiB can be viewed on a microsite here.

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